How to diagnose laptop motherboard problems

laptop repairing courseWhen i want that my laptop is working perfectly it always betray me. Either it won’t turn on or act abnormally. I know, this story is very common and every next person who use laptop is go through from this issues. There are some common problems that always faced by a user while use laptop like laptop won’t open , it shutdown automatically etc.

After often facing this issues people are scare a lot and then people don’t won’t to deal with them or replace them or try to fix them. An non-technical person or even you want to repair laptop by yourself , but its a little daunting to try an diagnose the motherboard it might seem. Now, we are going to tell you how much easy it is and how easily you would do it.

Here are four things that could go wrong with laptop motherboard and they are :

1. Laptop Won’t Turn ON :-

Last night, I was working on my laptop it was working perfectly. but when I was opened my laptop on very next morning, it won’t turn on ” What the Issue ? “

This is the very common problem we heard that laptop doesn’t power on , the very next question came in out mind is it anything wrong happened with my motherboard or laptop battery is dead . Now, first thing you have to do for identify the problem is pull out the battery from the laptop and keep the battery out and then take your AC adapter and check the voltage with the voltmeter. Now, bend the power adapter cord and jiggle it and you got 19 volts on your multimeter, then the power adapter tip is probably good.  So, instead of just taking the whole computer apart and finding out if the laptop has appropriately good power jack, test the power adapter first.

Now another reason a laptop might not turned on is because it’s not getting power to the power jack ,so it might be damaged. Other things that may cause a laptop motherboard not to power on, it could have a bad processor, there may be power button on laptop it might be broken.

2. Laptop Components Won’t Work :-

Another problem is when components on a laptop won’t work.  For example, a CD drive or a wireless card don’t show up in windows. Whether not working properly, well that could possibly be a motherboard but the way to test that is to replace that component. If your CD drive not working replace it with new one. If still it won’t work it there may be the CD drive controller or motherboard has issue.

3. Laptop Randomly Shutdown :-

That is another very common problem come up that laptop shutdown automatically & randomly . This is happen might be due to overheating. So let’s make sure it’s not an overheating problem and how do we do that ? There are few things that might help you is keep the dust cloud out of laptop fan, a proper flow of air and make sure that heat sink was making a good connection with the processor.

4. Laptop Perform Abnormally :- 

Sometimes, laptop is not working the way they’re suppose to do, it doesn’t boot up every time, it doesn’t boot up at all few times.  Now, first i want to make sure it’s not windows that causing problem or format it.  If after re-installing windows there is still an problem than take out component one by one. Take out ram and replace it with new one and check all other components if problem is still there than it probably a bad motherboard.

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