Chip Level Advanced Laptop Repairing Course @ Chiptroniks Institute

Laptop chip level repairing training is one of the innovative technical courses. It deals with repairing  all-in-one problems in the laptop functioning. During the training and course, everything assembly components (identification, working and testing) is explained in detail. For this course, one has to be familiar with basics as well as advanced card-level repairing of the laptop.


Detailed description of motherboard is must to repair several  problems or faults in laptop chip level repairing. You will quickly learn tracing different sections of motherboard such as clock generator, CPU temperature control, north bridge chips, graphic chips, south bridge chip, etc. After identification soldering, de-soldering is the next step. Special training on BGA also offered  by a number of reputed institutes. Our chiptroniks Laptop Repairing Institute gives excellent training in chip level laptop repair.


Technical skills are required as to know how to utilize the testing instruments. You will find a number of chip level training institutes in Delhi which offer plenty knowledge about testing laptop motherboard. You can also learn how to read component datasheet. We gives training on various machines like oscilloscope, BIOS programmer, diagnostic card, BGA Machine and also used in the training process.


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