Lines On LCD TV Screen – Best LCD Panel Repair Service

There are two main causes for vertical lines on a LCD TV, are input-related problems as well as issue with the physical screen. If vertical lines are showing on your TV, you might be able to correct the problem.



 First You Have To Check The Input

 The simplest problem to troubleshoot as well as fix is one that involves the input signal. Start by removing as well as  reseating the video cable both on the television  & the video source. If that does not solve the issue, utilize a different cable.. If you are still facing  the problem, switch to a other source. if you are watching a TV station by your coaxial cable, switch to the HDMI input or the VGA input, or connect your computer to the TV. If the lines continue to appear, the problem is likely internal.

 Check  Light

 On LCD television, every pixel is made up of 3 colored, semi-transparent crystals. While several amounts of electrical current are applied to the crystals, they shrink or grow. Light is shined by the crystals, producing the color combinations that the television displays. If any of the pixels in a vertical row have died, then the all row will be solid black. Dead pixels may not be repaired. The LCD screen will need to be replaced to repair the TV. If there is a white or flickering line, the problem may be involved the internal connection from the signal processors to the LCD screen.

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