Laptop Battery Drain Out Issues ? – Check How to Fix it

Here we will discuss most common failure examples and suggest few troubleshooting steps that would help you to rectify the issues.

Laptop shuts down while AC adapter unplugged

While you move the cursor arrow over the battery icon while the laptop is connected to AC adapter, it shows the remaining charge and says “charging”. The power meter utility also shows that the battery is connected and charging. But as soon as you unplug the laptop AC adapter, the laptop shuts down entirely.

The battery not inserted correctly. Try reconnecting it,The battery contacts got dirty and it’s not making a connection with the motherboard. Use some electronic contact cleaner on the contacts. If re-connecting the battery doesn’t help, most likely it’s bad and has to be replaced.

If you replaced the laptop battery, but the issue still exists, this is motherboard related failure. Actually the charging circuit on the motherboard failure. In this case the whole motherboard has to be changed (or repaired on the component level).

The battery not detected by the laptop. There is a red cross on the battery icon. If you move the cursor arrow over the battery icon, it says “no battery detected”.Most likely the battery is bad. You have a very good chance to fix this problem by replacing it with a new one. If replacing the battery doesn’t help, this is motherboard related failure. The motherboard has to be replaced (or repaired on component level).

laptop repairing

Laptop battery discharges very rapidly after it reaches a critical point

The battery identified by the laptop and charges accurately to 100%.When you unplug the AC adapter, it takes normal time to discharge until a critical point (let’s say 80%) but after that the battery discharges very quickly to 0%. This is battery failed. It has to be replaced with a new one.

Several institutes offer laptop repairing course as well as training for individual who want to make career in laptop repairing. Many technicians and experts also attend laptop training sessions throughout their careers to keep updated with a revolution in technology and service procedures. The laptop repairing institute provides extensive knowledge as well as professional counseling in the career development. There are many reputed institutes in Delhi that offers the best training in the laptop hardware repair.

View Laptop Repairing Video for Repairing Laptop Device.


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