Learn How to Fix Android Smartphone Issues in Mobile Repairing Course

Many people have suffered from this problem and rushed out to buy a new charger when the solution was at hand with only a bit of effort and only a little bit more know how. Here are some tips to fix a smartphone/repair a mobile phone that won’t charge.


The Major Problem

Either your smartphone won’t charge at all while it is plugged in, or the connection drops out or only charges very slowly, sometimes only just faster than your device’s battery is discharging. This is actually a very general complaint, and one I suffered from with a device myself. There’s a few things that could’ve gone wrong.

Fix DIY USB Port

The main solution is simply to do a little DIY fix on your actual hardware. The issue is quite often that the metallic surface inside the USB port as well as the microUSB charger are not making a connection, either through a built-up defect or because of the continual plugging and unplugging of the charging cable. All you require to do is shut down your smartphone, remove the battery if possible and use something smaller, like a toothpick, to ‘lever up’ the little tab inside the USB port on your smartphone. Do so very carefully, then reinsert your battery and plug it in again.

Switch cable

The key part of a charger is of course the cable, not the adapter that plugs into the wall socket. So if your phone is having charging problems and the previous solution hasn’t helped, you might have a fault of cable. Before you rush out to buy a new, just find a spare USB cable from another phone and try it instead. Quite often the cable will fray inside because it is constantly being curled up. Rather than purchase a new charger, you may only need a new cable.

Clean up your act

Sometimes smartphone is not charging correctly is because there is some issue in the port, or there is just a lot of dirt blocking the connection. So take a glance to make sure there isn’t something lodged inside the Micro USB port.

It is also suggested not to charge your smartphone near water and do not overcharge your smartphone, charging overnight when your smartphone battery only needs two or three hours is a very bad idea and can lead to a battery damaging your smartphone.

Replace the Battery

If your device is very old. Replace the phone battery with an original manufacturer or respected third party power source. A new battery should last at least 2 years before it needs to be replaced, although this depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles. If this seems necessary too soon, check your warranty, you may be eligible for a free replacement.

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Major Printer Problems and their Solutions

You do not require a specialized degree to learn laser printer repairing, just a general understanding of a printer’s component and hands-on knowledge. Printer repair can be learned through trial and error with your own printers, or picked up as part of a laptop/computer repair course. In this Blog, I will tell you some major printer problems and I will provide you solutions how to fix these problems.

Printer Repairing Course - Chiptroniks.ccom

Printing is Very Slow :

Speed up printer performance–and save ink in the process–by falling printing quality for everyday output. While printer settings differ by model, I will help you to search out how to switch to draft-printing mode in most Windows. Select Print and Properties, and then look for a setting that decreases print quality, Adjust the default print quality setting from Normal to Fast Draft Other speedup suggestions: Print pages from websites without graphics, and attach RAM to your printer.

Windows is transferring print jobs to the wrong printer :

For some reason, Windows can choose a new default printer–the one it automatically sends print jobs to. To fix this fault in Windows 7, click Start (on the Windows icon) and select Devices as well as Printers. Under Printers and Faxes, right-click the printer you want to make the default, and choose Set as default printer.

We provide printer repairing training to the students. This printer repairing course is introduced to individuals who are new in the field of printer repairing. The course provides the necessary knowledge required to understand basic principles of a printer. This is an introductory course designed to provide an overview of troubleshooting and printer repairing concepts.

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Precautions and Solutions for Laptop Motherboard Repairing

The laptop is a necessary device in daily life. There are some laptop repairing problems that should keep in mind when your laptop get damaged in any situation.

Today, a large generation is choosing a laptop repairing as a business to obtain the potential earning source. When people think you cannot fix laptops, don’t lose your heart as things are very simple to deal with, you need for expertise in laptop repairing.

laptop repairing course

During the course you’ll understand how to fix the minimal to significant issues immediately by determining the cause of the issue. You need to understand where to begin and which parts must be changed.

BIOS Flashing

First of all, you want to validate that the problem may be in the firmware and not the motherboard elements. To display the BIOS, you want the firmware ‘image’. The process is generally close to improving your BIOS to a more recent edition or the same one. It’s known as ‘flashing’ in laptop repairing because the firmware is saved in the display storage.

The type of BIOS and its design no. is essential for these procedures, and then go to their website, search for your design and then look for suitable solutions. Keep program code on disk or a in a USB drive. Insert the CD/USB generates and restart your laptop. The drive’s exe data file will begin up, after which just adhere to the instructions on-screen.

This process needs about little moments. Another problem here is if there’s an energy failing during the update procedure, you threat having a wrong program code in the BIOS. The process is quite simple.

You have to also select the best laptop repairing course to fix your laptop issues and become professional in laptop repairing.

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Online Course For Technical Professionals

Online learning is on the peak. According to a research report 6.7 million students are engaged with online course to enhance their skills and knowledge. Many schools and coaching institute offered online learning environment, and that number has steadily increased to nearly 87 percent.

As technology is becoming more and more essential in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for skilled professional laptop technicians. Laptop professional fill this requirement, and while their specific responsibilities can vary from position to position.

Online Laptop repairing course videos is no wonder has become number one career oriented course in India. Moreover, there is a vast shortage of qualified technician to look after ever growing demand of repairing industries.

Due to nature of demand and enormous earning potential, Online laptop repairing course has become No. 1 course as it gives instant access to self employment, money and position in society. These courses are of short duration with affordable fees can be undertaken while working.

Although anybody can undertake these courses, it will be best suited for existing hardware and software engineers as there will be an easy transition for smooth learning of skills and fast achievement of knowledge.

E-Learning – Process of Training:

A very efficient training method that has proved to be reliable for teaching online laptop repairing. Classes for these courses are taken by well qualified and experienced faculty, who guide students and impart a comprehensive understanding of the stream they pursue in easy language as well as format.

With the rapid increase in laptop users across the country, these courses provide a high job guarantee as well as high success rate in the business.

CCTV Repairing & Training Course In Delhi

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) refers to a visible or covert video system designed for only a limited number of viewers. CCTV the image is viewed and recorded, but not broadcast. It was initially introduced as a means of security for banks, today it has been developed to the point where it is simple and affordable enough to be used with Home Security Systems, offices and for everyday surveillance.

cctv repairing course

To select the best closed-circuit television (CCTV) courses, it is helpful to find out the aspects of the technology you want to learn. For example, an individual interested in installing as well as repairing CCTV systems may be the best advantages of a class that offers hands on technical training. A person who is more interested in selling this type of technique, on the other hand, might benefit from CCTV courses that focus on problems of compliance and regulation. It is generally a good idea to select CCTV courses that are officially recognized and taught by experienced and qualified professionals. You may also want to consider factors such as cost and ease of access.

CCTV technology explains a system in which a video camera sends signals to a specific set of monitors. This technology is used for security purposes. A video camera can be set up to record what goes on inside the office, and a security professional inside can watch occurrences from selected monitors. CCTV also be used by manufacturing professionals who want to monitor different aspects of a process at one time.Take a moment to examine course descriptions and select those which may best help you to improve your career.

Growing Career in Mobile Repairing

Smart Android or IOS Phones are first choice of everyone. Now people also show their interest towards the technical troubleshooting aspects of smartphones which swiftly shift a normal user to technical becoming an more prestigious among the learners who want to pursue a career in a field in which they would get growth, earnings and stability in life, which would come true after choosing a smartphone mobile phone repairing as a career.

If you are technically sound person, it’s would a one of the option to choose mobile repairing as a career and after doing this course you would don’t need to go to find a job as people come used to do. You will be wondered after knowing that, in India more than 725 million mobile/smartphone handset users and requirement of mobile engineer is rapidly increasing. In next several year, mobile repairing become an big industry special in india, where all the major mobile making company now has shifted there focus due to big indian market.

mobile repairing course

There are several opportunities to get a high-paid job after laptop repairing training. At present, mobile phones are the most essential things for people as well as handling along with maintenance is the largest issue, and for that reason, the scope in this field have been growing.

If you really want to build your career in mobile repairing then its the best time to do it and the main thing is Institute where you learn repairing , yes Institute make a difference in you a that has a great goodwill in market always give you benefit in several areas which you will realized when you get in market. So you should go for No.1 Mobile Repairing Institute that offer best course of mobile repairing. Premium institute also provide placement assistance to their students in well named organization which pleased the students or trainees from the tension of job finding.

You can also start your own mobile repairing service center or shop as mobile phone repairing is concerned with self-employment ideas as well as you can earn handsome salary throughout your life by lifetime technical back-up support facility.

People has a thought that in mobile repairing career you won’t get that much salary package as you would get in some other field like IT or Banks. But now, time is changed there are so many multinational mobile making companies who wants a qualified mobile engineers for there production or service department and offer attractive salary packages. So, Move with the time and today is all about smart, latest and hardcore smart mobile phones which will going to emerged very fast and knocking at your door step with lots of opportunity for all those technically persons or all those people you willing to enter into this domain.

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3 Things You Should Know Before Repairing a Android Phone

People feel lost without their smart phones. Often we get a lot of email from people who want tips on how to repair smartphones. I hope these tips will help you to repair your broken smartphone.

First, get familiar with the parts of your device. Generally smartphones include a back cover, motherboard-containing frame, LCD, front frame, LCD-containing chassis, or bezel, and a digitizer. Now, you have to remove the device’s back cover and pull the main battery.


Find Smart Phone Replacement Parts

You have to get replace parts of your smart phone device. Unluckily, this can be a real pain. It’s not like there’s a smartphone parts store on every street corner as well as manufacturers. It’s not easy for the every person to buy replacement parts. On the Internet, you can find there are various websites, who are selling replacement parts for smartphones, laptop and tablets.

Search the Right tools

Some devices require special screwdrivers to open. You have to search appropriate screwdriver to fix your smartphone issue. You’ll also want to pick up a few tools to help to open your device’s outer case

Properly organize the work space

Take away any liquids that may spill or objects that may fall onto the device. Make sure you have a big enough area to work in, and space to lay all the parts out neatly. And, make a safe area to put all the tiny screws as well as smaller components you remove. For more assistance, you can go through on our website.